NFL Week 8 Headlines

NFL Week 8 Headlines: Notes from around the Water cooler

CIN 49- NYJ 9:

Andy Dalton brings a blow torch to a knife fight, lights up Jets D for 5 td’s

However, now that he’s thrown 11 TD’s in his last 3 games people actually expect him to play well vs Miami.

 WAS 21-DEN 45:

RG3 takes one step forward and two gimpy steps back

QB play rapidly deteriorates against a suspect Bronco’s D after a promising 45 point performance against the Bears; meanwhile Kirk Cousins idly jogs on a treadmill.

 DAL 30- DET 31:

Matt Stafford method acts Lions to last minute victory with “I’m going to spike it” fake- out to TD lunge

Meanwhile Dez Bryant was un-invited to Jason Witten’s birthday party for his childish sideline antics, citing “character acting” as his motivation.

 SF 42 – JAC 10 (In London):

Londoners disappointed to find out that that a “49’er” is not a sex act

Ticket holders are further let down to find out that a Jaguar is nothing like a cougar, resulting in several twenty-something men asking for refunds.  

 Monday Night: SEA-STL:

Sam Bradford out for season, St Louis call Brett Farve but not Tim Tebow

Now Tim knows what it feels like to be the girl not invited to any of his frat parties (but don’t worry, he totally wouldn’t have gone all the way with her anyway)



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